The food industry and consumer culture have changed dramatically in the last few years. We need to be more conscious now than ever about our impact on our lovely home, planet earth, and with this in mind our Good Food Store goal for 2019 is sustainability. We're starting off the year with an Eco-friendly bang by having just eliminated all plastic from our take-away packaging! So rest assured when you're grabbing a take-away coffee, lunch, cakes or all of the above, it's as guilt-free as it gets in terms of environmental impact.


The Good Food Store Coffee Keep Cup

Around 22,000 coffee cups are disposed of every HOUR in Ireland and with this in mind, we decided to get our own reusable 2 Go cups, available in both of our stores now. Anyone using a reusable cup when getting coffee will get 15c off - we're hoping that steps like these will reduce our environmental footprint, and yours too!

Eco Friendly Catering Options